Still summer + Swimming Hole minis on sale!

Still summer + Swimming Hole minis on sale!

Posted by Jamie on Aug 1st 2017

This weekend it was 107 F in Austin and pretty miserable outside anywhere and everywhere you couldn't swim. I LOVE summer, but I'm going to be so happy if we actually get some of the forecasted rain a … read more


Posted by Jamie on Jul 18th 2017

One year ago today I held my breath went live on this website and my little shop. WHAT. I can't believe it. I am so grateful for my husband, family, and friends that rallied around me and finally gave … read more


Posted by Jamie on Oct 10th 2016

Pets and cars commissions for the holiday are now available! These babies are done in ink, watercolor, and collage on 9x12" vellum. From now until November 4th only $100! (Price will go up in Nov … read more

25% OFF + PETS AND CARS (Commissions coming soon!)

Posted by Jamie on Oct 3rd 2016

It's not 100% in Austin, and I swear this morning I went outside with a hoodie on and I didn't start sweating until like 9:30am. This little change has me feeling all the feels. I love October -- it i … read more
Commissioning a landscape

Commissioning a landscape

Posted by Jamie on Sep 26th 2016

It is pretty cool to be asked to commission a piece of art for someone, but a bit scary, too. While realistically I know that people that commission my work and have chosen me for my portfolio and my … read more